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Zabbix Internal item to get Host Maintenance Status


Status: v1.1

Owner: sasha


Currently there is no way to get current maintenance status for a monitored host. A new internal item will solve this problem.


The new internal item zabbix[host,,maintenance] will be introduced. All parameters are mandatory. The second parameter must be empty and is reserved for future use.

It will return the current status of maintenance of a host.

Possible values:
 0 - host in normal state
 1 - host in maintenance with data collection
 2 - host in maintenance without data collection

Server side

This item will be always processed by the server regardless of host location (on server or proxy).

Also an existing item zabbix[proxy,<proxyname>,"lastaccess"] will be processed by the server like zabbix[host,,maintenance]. It will add more freedom to users in system configuration.

The proxy won't receive such items with configuration data.

The logic will be modified to process all internal items regardless of maintenance status, even for hosts in maintenance without data collection.

On server side:

  • pollers will always process internal items regardless of maintenance status
  • trappers will always accept incoming values from internal items from proxies regardless of maintenance status

On proxy side:

  • pollers will always process internal items regardless of maintenance status

Fronend side

Help item should be added for the new internal item.

Database changes

The new value mapping "Maintenance status" will be added.

0 - normal
1 - in maintenance
2 - no data collection

Translation strings

  • Returns current maintenance status of the host.


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  • v1.1
    • updated Translation strings