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Support of LLD macros for item units and IPMI sensor


Status: 1.1

Owner: Alexei


Item prototypes should support LLD macros for units and IPMI sensor.


Zabbix interface already accepts arbitrary strings for units and IPMI sensor. The only missing part is support of LLD macros by Zabbix Server.

Zabbix Server should be extended to expand LLD macros when creating new items based on item prototypes.

No leading and trailing spaces should be removed from IPMI sensor fields after substitution of the macros.

The LLD macros should be expanded same way as for item descriptions, i.e.:

  • If size of expanded field exceeds max length then the operation will fail with an error message:
 Cannot add item: value "<value>" is too long.
 Cannot update item: value "<value>" is too long.
  • Macros will also be accepted if used as part of a string, for example, 'abc{#MACRO}def'.


  • What's new in 3.0
  • Zabbix Manual
  • Table that describes scope of macros


  • 1.1 More details on macro expanding, no functional changes.