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Display available macros on host and template level


Status: v1.3

Owner: sasha


Currently there is no easy way to determine what a user macro will resolve to. This requires checking three locations if looking at a host linked to a single template (global, template, host), but if nested templates are used, this becomes a hard task.


Existing tab 'Macros' will be extended to contain information about available macros as well as macro inheritance.

Front-end changes

Tab layout

Two modes will be supported: 'Host macros' and 'Inherited and host macros'. There will be no functional changes in the 'Host macros' mode. 'Inherited and host macros' mode will provide additional information about available global and template-level user macros.

Macro name could be modified only for not inherited user macros of the selected host, disabled otherwise.

Macro value is enabled only if the macro exists on host level. Inherited macro value could be enabled and modified by clicking on 'Change' link.

Template value is effective value of template-level macro. If there are several templates with the same macro linked to the host, only one (effective) macro value will be displayed along with template name.

'Inherited and host macros' mode should reflect all changes in "Templates" tab.

All data in the macros table should be fixed width. The ellipsis will be added for truncated values.

Template level macros will displayed as link to the template, colon and the value of the macro, for example:

 Template OS Linux: "value of the macro"

For super administrators the title of the global values column will include link to the configuration of global macros:

 Global value (configure)

Links to the templates and global macros will open in a new browser tab. See guidelines.

Host macros1.png

Host macros2.png

Translation strings

  • Change
  • Host macros
  • Inherited and host macros
  • Effective value
  • Template value
  • Global value
  • configure


  • Zabbix Manual 3.0
    • Screenshots of host edit form


  • 1.1
    • added information about changes in "Templates" tab
  • 1.2
    • added information about table layout
  • 1.3
    • added information about links to the templates and global macros