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Description field for hosts, templates and proxies


Status: v1.3

Owner: Alexei, Sasha


The new field will be useful for providing details on how to install and use a template, may have a links to external resources, list user parameters, etc. Also host- and proxy-level description might be handy in some cases.


Front-end changes

Configuration->Template details

  • A new field 'Description' should be added after 'Hosts/Templates'

Configuration->Hosts details

  • A new field 'Description' should be added before 'Monitored by Proxy'

Configuration->Hosts->Mass update

  • A new field 'Description' should be added before 'Monitored by Proxy'


  • A new field 'Description' should be added after 'Hosts'

The new field will have same size as existing 'Description' used in configuration of triggers.

Monitoring->Host inventory

  • A new text 'Description' should be added before 'Latest data'
  • It must not be displayed if it's empty
  • All URLs should be made clickable same way as for inventory fields

The new field will have same style as existing 'Visible name' used in this form but will support multi-line. It will also be validated to have limited number of characters if Oracle is used.

New macros

The macro {HOST.DESCRIPTION} will be supported for:

  • Trigger-based notifications and commands
  • All internal notifications (trigger-, item-, and LLD rule-based)
  • Map labels

The macro {PROXY.DESCRIPTION(N)} will be supported for all notifications as {PROXY.NAME}. Also no macros will be supported by the template/host description

API changes

The new optional field 'description' should be supported by:

  • host.get, host.getobjects, host.create, host.update, host.massupdate
  • template.get, template.getobjects, template.create, template.update, template.massupdate
  • proxy.get, proxy.create, proxy.update

There will be no template/host inheritance for description, same way as for other template/host attributes.

XML import/export

  • The new optional field 'description' should be supported by host and template import/export operations

Translation strings

No new translation strings.

Database changes

New field for table 'hosts'

FIELD           |description    |t_shorttext    |''     |NOT NULL       |ZBX_SYNC


What's new in Zabbix 2.4 Zabbix Manual

  • API documentation
  • Table of macros
  • Host configuration screenshots
  • Host inventory screenshots
  • Template configuration screenshots
  • Host mass update screenshots
  • Proxy form screenshots
  • XML import/export format



  • Clickable description in the inventory
  • Field 'description' is optional in API methods


  • Added information about validation of 'Description' under Oracle
  • Better formatting


  • The description must not be displayed on the host inventory page if it's empty