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Monitoring->Triggers application and host inventory filter


Status: v1.3

Owner: Pavels


Two additional filters will be implemented on the Monitoring->Triggers page: by application name and by host inventory data.


Application name filter

  • The application filter will consist of a single text field.
  • The filter will use like ('%...%') comparison.
  • The value of the filter will be remembered in the 'profiles' table under the 'web.tr_status.filter.application' IDx.

Host inventory filter

  • The host inventory filter will consist of multiple inventory field - value input pairs. The inventory field will be a dropdown, and value - a text input.
  • Field - value pairs will added and removed via JS similarly to macro editing.
  • The filters will use like ('%...%') comparison and joined together using logical "and".
  • It will be possible to search by multiple values for a single field.
  • Two profile IDxs will be used to remember the state of the filter: 'web.hostinventories.filter.inventory.field' and 'web.hostinventories.filter.inventory.value'. IDx2 will be used to specify the number of the filter.

API changes


  • The get method 'search' parameter will now support searching by multiple values for a single field, similarly to the 'filter' parameter.


  • host.get:
    • An additional 'searchInventory' parameter will be implemented to search by inventory data. It will behave the same way as the "search" parameter, and will also be affected by the 'searchByAny', 'searchWildcardsEnabled' and 'startSearch' parameters. If the 'searchByAny' parameter is used, the 'search' and 'searchInventory' parameters will be joined using "or", otherwise "and".


  • What's new section
  • Monitoring->Triggers page docs
  • API reference commentary
  • host.get method docs


  • v1.1
    • it will be possible to search by multiple values for a single field
  • v1.2
    • added 2.4 changes
  • v1.3
    • removed 2.4 changes due to the development being cancelled