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Baseline monitoring


Status: Initial draft, do not comment

Owner: Alexei


Zabbix should provide set of trigger functions for analyzing trend data and alerting users if a value is way off baseline. The functions should support basic math functions such as min, max, avg and count.


The following trigger functions will be introduced: trend_min, trend_max, trend_avg and trend_count. The functions will be defined as:

 trend_xxx(time_period, hours)
 time_period: one of lastyear/currentyear, lastmonth/currentmonth, lastweek/currentweek, lastday/currentday, lasthour/currenthour, yesterday/today
 hours: range of hours. For example: "8", "9-16", "7,9-12,13-18".
 For example:

The functions would allow to detect anomalies:

 # baseline
 {host:item.trend_avg(lastmonth,9)} < 2 * {host:item.trend_avg(today,9)}

API changes

Translation strings

  • New or updated string


  • What's new in 3.0
  • Zabbix Manual
    • List of supported trigger functions
  • Zabbix site -> Features: add new section describing baseline monitoring

To be discussed

  • Naming convention for the new functions
  • Trend value cache, it is out of scope?
  • Do we take into account last hour trends currently kept in memory?
  • Shall we adjust default templates?
  • It is not clear how {host:item.trend_avg(today,9)} can be calculated if current time is earlier than 09:00


  • N/A