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Virtual machine CPU ready item key


Status: v1.0

Owner: Andris Zeila


Add a new item key to allow monitoring of virtual machine CPU ready value:

Percentage of time that the virtual machine was ready, but could not get scheduled to run on the physical CPU. CPU ready time is dependent on the number of virtual machines on the host and their CPU loads.


The key will have the following format:

     <url> - the VMware service URL
     <uuid> - the Virtual Machine UUID (host name)

The item value will be obtained by reading cpu/ready[summation] performance counter.

Template changes

vmware.vm.cpu.ready[{$URL},{HOST.HOST}] item must be added to Template Virt VMware template.

Frontend changes

The vmware.vm.cpu.ready key must be added to help items for simple checks

Translation strings

  • VMware virtual machine processor ready time %, <url> - VMware service URL, <uuid> - VMware virtual machine host name


  • What's new
  • VMware item table
  • Upgrade notes (suggestion to remove vmware.vm.perfcounter[{$URL},{HOST.HOST},"cpu/ready[summation]"] items if such were added)
  • Template changes