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This table contains [please add a brief table description].


Column Detail Default NULL? Type Ref from Ref to
configid NONE NOT NULL id
refresh_unsupported 10m NOT NULL varchar(32)
work_period 1-5,09:00-18:00 NOT NULL varchar(255)
alert_usrgrpid NONE NULL id usrgrp.usrgrpid
default_theme blue-theme NOT NULL varchar(128)
authentication_type 0 NOT NULL integer
ldap_host EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
ldap_port 389 NOT NULL integer
ldap_base_dn EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
ldap_bind_dn EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
ldap_bind_password EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(128)
ldap_search_attribute EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(128)
dropdown_first_entry 1 NOT NULL integer
dropdown_first_remember 1 NOT NULL integer
discovery_groupid NONE NOT NULL id hstgrp.groupid
max_in_table 50 NOT NULL integer
search_limit 1000 NOT NULL integer
severity_color_0 97AAB3 NOT NULL varchar(6)
severity_color_1 7499FF NOT NULL varchar(6)
severity_color_2 FFC859 NOT NULL varchar(6)
severity_color_3 FFA059 NOT NULL varchar(6)
severity_color_4 E97659 NOT NULL varchar(6)
severity_color_5 E45959 NOT NULL varchar(6)
severity_name_0 Not classified NOT NULL varchar(32)
severity_name_1 Information NOT NULL varchar(32)
severity_name_2 Warning NOT NULL varchar(32)
severity_name_3 Average NOT NULL varchar(32)
severity_name_4 High NOT NULL varchar(32)
severity_name_5 Disaster NOT NULL varchar(32)
ok_period 5m NOT NULL varchar(32)
blink_period 2m NOT NULL varchar(32)
problem_unack_color CC0000 NOT NULL varchar(6)
problem_ack_color CC0000 NOT NULL varchar(6)
ok_unack_color 009900 NOT NULL varchar(6)
ok_ack_color 009900 NOT NULL varchar(6)
problem_unack_style 1 NOT NULL integer
problem_ack_style 1 NOT NULL integer
ok_unack_style 1 NOT NULL integer
ok_ack_style 1 NOT NULL integer
snmptrap_logging 1 NOT NULL integer
server_check_interval 10 NOT NULL integer
hk_events_mode 1 NOT NULL integer
hk_events_trigger 365d NOT NULL varchar(32)
hk_events_internal 1d NOT NULL varchar(32)
hk_events_discovery 1d NOT NULL varchar(32)
hk_events_autoreg 1d NOT NULL varchar(32)
hk_services_mode 1 NOT NULL integer
hk_services 365d NOT NULL varchar(32)
hk_audit_mode 1 NOT NULL integer
hk_audit 365d NOT NULL varchar(32)
hk_sessions_mode 1 NOT NULL integer
hk_sessions 365d NOT NULL varchar(32)
hk_history_mode 1 NOT NULL integer
hk_history_global 0 NOT NULL integer
hk_history 90d NOT NULL varchar(32)
hk_trends_mode 1 NOT NULL integer
hk_trends_global 0 NOT NULL integer
hk_trends 365d NOT NULL varchar(32)
default_inventory_mode -1 NOT NULL integer
custom_color 0 NOT NULL integer
http_auth_enabled 0 NOT NULL integer
http_login_form 0 NOT NULL integer
http_strip_domains EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(2048)
http_case_sensitive 1 NOT NULL integer
ldap_configured 0 NOT NULL integer
ldap_case_sensitive 1 NOT NULL integer


Name UNIQ Columns
config_1 No alert_usrgrpid
config_2 No discovery_groupid