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This table contains [please add a brief table description].


Column Detail Default NULL? Type Ref from Ref to
hostid NONE NOT NULL id applications.hostid C
autoreg_host.proxy_hostid C
group_prototype.hostid C
host_discovery.hostid C
host_inventory.hostid C
hostmacro.hostid C
hosts.templateid C
hosts_groups.hostid C
hosts_templates.hostid C
hosts_templates.templateid C
httptest.hostid C
interface.hostid C
items.hostid C
maintenances_hosts.hostid C
screens.templateid C
task.proxy_hostid C
widget_field.value_hostid C
proxy_hostid NONE NULL id hosts.hostid
host EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(128)
status 0 NOT NULL integer
disable_until 0 NOT NULL integer
error EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(2048)
available 0 NOT NULL integer
errors_from 0 NOT NULL integer
lastaccess 0 NOT NULL integer
ipmi_authtype -1 NOT NULL integer
ipmi_privilege 2 NOT NULL integer
ipmi_username EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(16)
ipmi_password EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(20)
ipmi_disable_until 0 NOT NULL integer
ipmi_available 0 NOT NULL integer
snmp_disable_until 0 NOT NULL integer
snmp_available 0 NOT NULL integer
maintenanceid NONE NULL id maintenances.maintenanceid
maintenance_status 0 NOT NULL integer
maintenance_type 0 NOT NULL integer
maintenance_from 0 NOT NULL integer
ipmi_errors_from 0 NOT NULL integer
snmp_errors_from 0 NOT NULL integer
ipmi_error EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(2048)
snmp_error EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(2048)
jmx_disable_until 0 NOT NULL integer
jmx_available 0 NOT NULL integer
jmx_errors_from 0 NOT NULL integer
jmx_error EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(2048)
name EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(128)
flags 0 NOT NULL integer
templateid NONE NULL id hosts.hostid C
description EMPTY NOT NULL shorttext
tls_connect 1 NOT NULL integer
tls_accept 1 NOT NULL integer
tls_issuer EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(1024)
tls_subject EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(1024)
tls_psk_identity EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(128)
tls_psk EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(512)
proxy_address EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
auto_compress 1 NOT NULL integer


Name UNIQ Columns
hosts_1 No host
hosts_2 No status
hosts_3 No proxy_hostid
hosts_4 No name
hosts_5 No maintenanceid