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This table contains [please add a brief table description].


Column Detail Default NULL? Type Ref from Ref to
itemid NONE NOT NULL id application_prototype.itemid C
functions.itemid C
graphs_items.itemid C
httpstepitem.itemid C
httptestitem.itemid C
item_application_prototype.itemid C
item_condition.itemid C
item_discovery.itemid C
item_discovery.parent_itemid C
item_preproc.itemid C
items.master_itemid C
items.templateid C
items_applications.itemid C
widget_field.value_itemid C
type 0 NOT NULL integer
snmp_community EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
snmp_oid EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(512)
hostid NONE NOT NULL id hosts.hostid C
name EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
key_ EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
delay 0 NOT NULL varchar(1024)
history 90d NOT NULL varchar(255)
trends 365d NOT NULL varchar(255)
status 0 NOT NULL integer
value_type 0 NOT NULL integer
trapper_hosts EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
units EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
snmpv3_securityname EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
snmpv3_securitylevel 0 NOT NULL integer
snmpv3_authpassphrase EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
snmpv3_privpassphrase EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
formula EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
error EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(2048)
lastlogsize 0 NOT NULL bigint
logtimefmt EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
templateid NONE NULL id items.itemid C
valuemapid NONE NULL id valuemaps.valuemapid
params EMPTY NOT NULL shorttext
ipmi_sensor EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(128)
authtype 0 NOT NULL integer
username EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
password EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
publickey EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
privatekey EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
mtime 0 NOT NULL integer
flags 0 NOT NULL integer
interfaceid NONE NULL id interface.interfaceid
port EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
description EMPTY NOT NULL shorttext
inventory_link 0 NOT NULL integer
lifetime 30d NOT NULL varchar(255)
snmpv3_authprotocol 0 NOT NULL integer
snmpv3_privprotocol 0 NOT NULL integer
state 0 NOT NULL integer
snmpv3_contextname EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
evaltype 0 NOT NULL integer
jmx_endpoint EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
master_itemid NONE NULL id items.itemid C
timeout 3s NOT NULL varchar(255)
url EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(2048)
query_fields EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(2048)
posts EMPTY NOT NULL shorttext
status_codes 200 NOT NULL varchar(255)
follow_redirects 1 NOT NULL integer
post_type 0 NOT NULL integer
http_proxy EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
headers EMPTY NOT NULL shorttext
retrieve_mode 0 NOT NULL integer
request_method 0 NOT NULL integer
output_format 0 NOT NULL integer
ssl_cert_file EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
ssl_key_file EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(255)
ssl_key_password EMPTY NOT NULL varchar(64)
verify_peer 0 NOT NULL integer
verify_host 0 NOT NULL integer
allow_traps 0 NOT NULL integer


Name UNIQ Columns
items_1 YES hostid, key_
items_3 No status
items_4 No templateid
items_5 No valuemapid
items_6 No interfaceid
items_7 No master_itemid