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Note: This is an unofficial roadmap - Zabbix team does not publish an official roadmap anymore.

Zabbix roadmap

Zabbix 3.4 roadmap

In progress

Name Issue Specification Comments
SNMP OID longer than 255 ZBXNEXT-3344 ZBXNEXT-3344
Heading as a selects control ZBXNEXT-3322 ZBXNEXT-3322
frontend and daemons use different regexps ZBX-3924 ZBX-3924
LDAP authentication with groups support ZBXNEXT-276 ZBXNEXT-276
URL-encode web monitoring variables ZBXNEXT-2074 ZBXNEXT-2074
transforming/pre-processing item values ZBXNEXT-1443 ZBXNEXT-1443
Grid layout for dashboard widgets ZBXNEXT-3679 ZBXNEXT-3679
parallel processing of alerts ZBXNEXT-2442 ZBXNEXT-2442
Ability to draw arbitrary shapes in maps ZBXNEXT-2031 ZBXNEXT-2031
Rework semaphore and shared memory management ZBXNEXT-3687 ZBXNEXT-3687
Reduce self-monitor cache locking ZBXNEXT-3655 ZBXNEXT-3655
Improve Event Condition Evaluation ZBXNEXT-3588 ZBXNEXT-3588
Optimization of receiving action conditions from configuration cache ZBXNEXT-3590 ZBXNEXT-3590
Hide SQL error messages and SQLs from frontend for regular users ZBXNEXT-3567 ZBXNEXT-3567


Name Issue Specification Comments
Screen cloning option ZBXNEXT-707 ZBXNEXT-707
Allow Server=*.*.*.* in agent conf ZBXNEXT-12 ZBXNEXT-12
check the return code of media scripts ZBXNEXT-1380 ZBXNEXT-1380
new item key: directory size ZBXNEXT-491 ZBXNEXT-491
ability to configure number of items shown in the queue ZBXNEXT-3572 ZBXNEXT-3572
user media period and item flexible interval fields increased to 1024 characters ZBXNEXT-3576 ZBXNEXT-3576
decrease internal, discovery and auto registration data storage period to 1 day ZBXNEXT-3568 ZBXNEXT-3568
Already available in earlier releases
Name Issue Specification Comments
bulk inserts with dynamic parameter binding for Oracle ZBXNEXT-3681 ZBXNEXT-3681 Implemented for 3.0.8/3.2.4
Trigger expression evaluation optimization ZBXNEXT-3669 ZBXNEXT-3669 Implemented for 3.0.8/3.2.4
More efficient sync of configuration cache ZBXNEXT-3681 ZBXNEXT-3681 Implemented for 3.0.9 (?)
option to specify the number of queue items to return ZBXNEXT-3681 ZBXNEXT-3681 Implemented for 3.0.8/3.2.4


Name Issue Specification Comments