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Bug fixing

Zabbix 2.0.0 has been released. You can read about the new features.

2.0 blocking issues graph.png You can still view how the amount of blocking issues changed over time: a graph that shows amount of blocking issues for Zabbix 2.0.

Functional roadmap


  1. Database integrity to prevent orphaned records and other issues (What's new)
  2. Using gettext translation framework for the frontend - ZBXNEXT-556 (What's new)
  3. Low level discovery - ability to automatically create items, triggers and graphs based on discovered entities - ZBXNEXT-44 ZBXNEXT-74 (documentation)
    • SNMP (for example, for switch ports)
    • Filesystems and network interfaces
    • Custom
  4. In additional to dynamic screen element support, ability to create screens for templates that are available for for all linked hosts (What's new)
  5. Multiple network interface support per host, allowing to specify which items should be checked on which interface - ZBXNEXT-587 (What's new)
  6. Ability to specify multiple URLs for map elements and provide labels for them
  7. Ability to specify URLs for network map element types - for example, an URL for all hosts
  8. Confirmation for frontend scripts (What's new)
  9. Exporting visible events in Monitoring -> Events to CSV (What's new)
  10. Event/trigger redesign - removal of UNKNOWN trigger state which leads to improved performance and more robust trigger behaviour - ZBXNEXT-512 (What's new)
  11. Saving map grid options on a map level - ZBXNEXT-404
  12. Ability to configure label formats per map element type on a map level – for example, having one label for hosts and a different one for host groups. - ZBXNEXT-628
  13. Automatic filling of DNS names for discovered devices by doing a reverse lookup either from Zabbix server or Zabbix proxy
  14. Configurable colours and names for trigger severities - ZBXNEXT-631
  15. Ability to launch pre-configured remote commands as user scripts from the frontend - ZBXNEXT-673
  16. Ability to gather poller statistics (how many are busy etc) - ZBXNEXT-408 (implemented in 1.8.5)
  17. Direct JMX support, implemented as a Java proxy - ZBXNEXT-555
  18. Use frontend scripts as remote commands - ZBXNEXT-672
  19. Ability to specify "visible" name for hosts. Host name still is used as a unique identifier and is limited to alphanumeric characters, dot, space, underscore and dash, but visible name can contain full range of UTF-8 characters. - ZBXNEXT-627
  20. Network discovery based on HTTPS and Telnet checks - ZBXNEXT-629
  21. Remote commands based on Telnet and SSH
  22. Automatically populating inventory fields by linking any item to an inventory field - ZBXNEXT-294, ZBXNEXT-616, ZBXNEXT-647
  23. Gathering hardware and other inventory information by Zabbix agent - ZBXNEXT-677
  24. Sorting by time, host or severity in the "Status of host triggers" and "Status of hostgroup triggers" screen elements - ZBXNEXT-746
  25. Showing how many triggers are displayed and how many are there in total in the "Status of host triggers" and "Status of hostgroup triggers" screen elements - ZBXNEXT-746
  26. Customisable problem displaying (OK/PROBLEM, ack/not ack, time for showing OK triggers and blinking) - ZBXNEXT-738
  27. Ability to automatically display all hosts in a host group in a specified area on a network map - ZBXNEXT-674
  28. Caching trigger information - ZBXNEXT-807
  29. Selecting network map element icon automatically based on device type in the inventory (iconmaps) - specification ZBXNEXT-785
  30. Support of item description that can be displayed in notifications - ZBXNEXT-511
  31. More convenient SNMP trap receiving that does not require custom scripts - ZBXNEXT-747


All planned features have been implemented.


  1. Element reloading in screens in the background without whole page reload both in configuration ZBXNEXT-601 and monitoring ZBXNEXT-879 sections
  2. Visually identifying screen elements that failed to update
  3. Support of item description that can be displayed in graphs - ZBXNEXT-511

Implemented in 2.0.1

  1. Displaying a message on all pages in case of Zabbix server being down - specification ZBXNEXT-829