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Zabbix 2.2 roadmap

Time roadmap

Zabbix 2.2.0 was initially scheduled to be released on 2012.03.01.

It was released on 2013.11.12.

Functional roadmap

Only more significant features are listed here. See What's new section in the manual for a more complete list of already implemented features.

  • Automatic database upgrade ZBXNEXT-1322
  • Performance improvements
    • Multiple timer processes ZBXNEXT-1472
    • Historical value caching for improved performance ZBXNEXT-322
    • Improved housekeeper performance ZBXNEXT-1649
    • Expanding/collapsing entries in latest data without full page reload ZBX-869
  • Web monitoring improvements
  • Usability improvements
  • Debugging improvements
  • Improved monitoring section
    • Antialiasing for straight lines in graphs and network maps ZBXNEXT-1659
    • Filtering map problem displaying by severity ZBXNEXT-1124
    • Viewing disabled host information in the monitoring section ZBXNEXT-317
  • Max trigger expression length increased from 255 to 2048 ZBXNEXT-1186
  • Ability to extract part of a string from a webpage ([]), file or logfile ZBXNEXT-1653
  • Supporting user macros in global scripts ZBXNEXT-1089
  • AES and SHA support for SNMPv3 ZBXNEXT-450
  • Discrete IPMI sensor support ZBXNEXT-300
  • A new macro to identify original problem event ZBXNEXT-384
  • Macros in graph titles ZBXNEXT-1
  • Alerting on UNKNOWN triggers ZBXNEXT-341
  • Alerting on unsupported items ZBXNEXT-1575
  • Move more housekeeper configuration to frontend; offer fine-grained control over housekeeper ZBXNEXT-1649
  • Support of loadable modules for agent items and server/proxy simple checks ZBXNEXT-1550
  • Ability to link multiple templates with same application ZBXNEXT-928
  • Ability to send additional information from auto-registered hosts and base decisions on it ZBXNEXT-1726
  • Write as an additional permission to read ZBXNEXT-887
  • Native WMI support in Zabbix agent ZBXNEXT-836
  • Virtual machine monitoring framework and integrated VMWare monitoring ZBXNEXT-1633
  • Partial host configuration data availability in the monitoring section (IP address etc) ZBXNEXT-1763
  • Improve item table operation performance ZBXNEXT-1689
  • Viewing screens without page reload ZBXNEXT-1253 (implemented in 2.0.3)
  • SNMP bulk get ZBXNEXT-98 (implemented in 2.2.3)
Unknown time
  • LUA support for value pre-processing and trigger expressions ZBXNEXT-1444
  • More compact problem displaying in maps ZBXNEXT-522
  • A screen element to display single value ZBXNEXT-1332
  • Providing more information in the watchdog's message "Database is down" ZBXNEXT-970
  • Support of remote commands over Zabbix proxy ZBXNEXT-936
  • Improve trigger table operation performance
  • IPMI "bulk get" ZBX-3243
  • Editing screens without page reload ZBXNEXT-601
  • Loadable modules for history storage ZBXNEXT-1836
  • Improve proof-of-concept Cassandra support ZBXNEXT-714
  • Initial support for automatic issue creation in Remedy ZBXNEXT-2033 (implemented in a separate branch for now)