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Zabbix 2.4 roadmap

Zabbix 2.4 is aimed to remove existing shortcoming as well as improve modularity and flexibility. Special attention will also be paid to easier maintenance.

Zabbix 2.4 was originally scheduled to be released in May, 2014.

It was released on 2014-09-11.

Functional roadmap

Only more significant features are listed here. See What's new section in the manual for a more complete list of already implemented features.

Name Issue Specification Comments
Description field for templates, hosts and proxies ZBXNEXT-2117 ZBXNEXT-2117
Ability to include only specific files in daemon configuration ZBXNEXT-497 ZBXNEXT-497
Searching by host technical name when visible name is defined ZBXNEXT-1119 ZBXNEXT-1119
User macros supported in notifications and commands ZBXNEXT-751 ZBXNEXT-751
Ability to filter by application and host inventory in Monitoring -> Triggers ZBXNEXT-2123 ZBXNEXT-2123
Ability to set user in the daemon configuration files ZBXNEXT-453 ZBXNEXT-453
Make templates clickable in host/template properties Templates tab ZBXNEXT-1291 ZBXNEXT-1291
Screen URL item as a dynamic one ZBXNEXT-734 ZBXNEXT-734
Improved action condition flexibility ZBXNEXT-1133 ZBXNEXT-1133
support of <=, >=, <> and 'not' in trigger expressions ZBXNEXT-1782 ZBXNEXT-1782
Additional filters for Monitoring -> Overview trigger mode ZBXNEXT-2222 ZBXNEXT-2222
Ability to filter by multiple LLD macros ZBXNEXT-581 ZBXNEXT-581
Ability to automatically include LLD-created graphs in screens ZBXNEXT-1583 ZBXNEXT-1583
Create a graph with items from all hosts in a host group (ad-hoc graphs) ZBXNEXT-570 ZBXNEXT-570
Internal item to determine host maintenance status ZBXNEXT-1848 ZBXNEXT-1848
Controlling HTTP headers in web monitoring, including client side certificates ZBXNEXT-282 ZBXNEXT-282
Ability to remove resources missing in an XML file ZBXNEXT-219 ZBXNEXT-219
Remove node-based DM ZBXNEXT-1343 ZBXNEXT-1343
Unified default date/time format to ISO 8601 ZBX-5430 ZBX-5430
Name Issue Specification Comments
two trigger expressions: problem and recovery ZBXNEXT-2118 ZBXNEXT-2118
unit blacklist, standartization on B/Bi (also 1000 vs 1024)
alert on acknowledgement ZBXNEXT-18 ZBXNEXT-18
OK on acknowledgement ZBXNEXT-104 ZBXNEXT-104
bulk displaying of graphs: many graphs by application, all host graphs, all items in one graphs, etc
execution of items at a specific time ZBXNEXT-2128 ZBXNEXT-2128
support of SSH connect from GUI scripts (redirect to URL)
proper handling of dependencies ZBX-3163
triggers with several severities ZBXNEXT-1703
support of flexible intervals for active checks ZBXNEXT-693
Creating graphs for all items, created by a specific LLD prototype ZBXNEXT-927 ZBXNEXT-927
loadable modules for new trigger functions ZBXNEXT-2650
loadable modules for item pre-processing ZBXNEXT-2651
multi-item LLD graphs
Create automatic group graphs ZBXNEXT-1120, ZBXNEXT-75 or ZBXNEXT-570 ? might be 570 above
Already available in earlier releases
Name Issue Specification Comments
{HOST.PORT} support in trigger names and descriptions & notifications ZBXNEXT-2069 Implemented for 2.2.2
Improve LLD performance ZBX-7109 Implemented for 2.0.1/2.2.2
Performance improvements when using Oracle as the backend ZBXNEXT-166 Implemented for 2.2.3