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Zabbix 3.0 roadmap

Note: First beta released 19th of January, 2016[1]. Further releases did not follow with the same delay as initially planned and Zabbix 3.0.0 final was released on 2016-02-16.
  • All features completed : beta1
  • February 2nd (+2 weeks) : string freeze
  • February 9th (+1 week) : rc1
  • February 16th (+1 week) : final release

All features are complete by beta1. During beta phase only bugfixes are made.

After string freeze no translatable strings may be changed (except for serious bugs related to them).

If blockers are discovered in the rc phase, another rc is released and final release occurs 1 week after the final rc.

Note: Issues are moved to the "Done" section when they are fully finished, documented and closed
Name Issue Specification Comments
Improved parameter passing to alert scripts ZBXNEXT-2163 ZBXNEXT-2163
Automatic availability update for interfaces without items ZBX-1916 ZBX-1916
Running Zabbix daemons in the foreground ZBXNEXT-611 ZBXNEXT-611
Non-flash clock for screens ZBXNEXT-2662 ZBXNEXT-2662
Context for user macros/variables ZBXNEXT-2683 ZBXNEXT-2683 A
New design for the frontend ZBXNEXT-2662 ZBXNEXT-2662
Function percentile() in triggers and calculated items ZBXNEXT-756 ZBXNEXT-756
IPv6 support for the Java gateway ZBX-9006 ZBX-9006
Triggers Top 100 filtering by host, host group, severity and custom time period ZBXNEXT-1036 ZBXNEXT-1036
TCP support for DNS items ZBXNEXT-689 ZBXNEXT-689
Manually invoking housekeeper ZBXNEXT-207 ZBXNEXT-207
Discovery of arbitrary number of SNMP LLD values ZBXNEXT-1554 ZBXNEXT-1554
Activity dropdowns changed to buttons ZBXNEXT-1493 ZBXNEXT-1493
LLD macros in units ZBXNEXT-2079 ZBXNEXT-2079
LLD macros in IPMI sensor ZBXNEXT-1799 ZBXNEXT-1799
Filtering by memory type for proc.mem item ZBXNEXT-1078 ZBXNEXT-1078
Support for additional macros in the trigger URL field ZBXNEXT-1128 ZBXNEXT-1128 A
Improved logfile processing ZBXNEXT-444 ZBXNEXT-444
Windows service discovery ZBXNEXT-1368 ZBXNEXT-1368
Per host count of unsupported items ZBXNEXT-2760 ZBXNEXT-2760
LLD macros in applications ZBXNEXT-1219 ZBXNEXT-1219 A
Resolve user macros on host/template level ZBXNEXT-210 ZBXNEXT-210 A
Default host inventory mode & changing it via discovery actions ZBXNEXT-1241 ZBXNEXT-1241
Dependencies between trigger prototypes ZBXNEXT-1229 ZBXNEXT-1229
New key for per-process CPU consumption ZBXNEXT-494 ZBXNEXT-494
Return permissions with usergroup.get ZBXNEXT-2581 ZBXNEXT-2581
Trend computing trigger function ZBXNEXT-922 ZBXNEXT-922
SMTP authentication support ZBXNEXT-679 ZBXNEXT-679
Show trigger description in popups in the dashboard's "last 20 issues" ZBXNEXT-2678 ZBXNEXT-2678 J
Ability to add multiple acknowledgement messages in bulk mode ZBX-8820 ZBX-8820 A
Filter dashboard by trigger name ZBXNEXT-2703 ZBXNEXT-2703 A
Value map API ZBXNEXT-1424 ZBXNEXT-1424
Multiple escalator processes ZBXNEXT-2844 ZBXNEXT-2844
Execution of item at a specific time ZBXNEXT-2128 ZBXNEXT-2128
Improve history cache performance ZBXNEXT-3071 ZBXNEXT-3071
User created and shared maps, screens, slideshows (meta issue) ZBXNEXT-2682 ZBXNEXT-2682 A
User created and shared maps ZBXNEXT-3007 ZBXNEXT-3007 A
User created and shared screens ZBXNEXT-3073 ZBXNEXT-3073 A
User created and shared slideshows ZBXNEXT-3082 ZBXNEXT-3082 A
Value mapping XML import/export ZBXNEXT-1679 ZBXNEXT-1679
TLS and PSK encryption between Zabbix components ZBXNEXT-1263 ZBXNEXT-1263 S
MVC for the Zabbix frontend ZBXNEXT-2357 ZBXNEXT-2357
XML versioning ZBX-7654 ZBX-7654 A
Name Issue Specification Comments
Ability to force polling of passive items and LLD rules ZBXNEXT-473 ZBXNEXT-473
Allow certain users to create maintenance periods with hosts they have readonly access on ZBXNEXT-1416 ZBXNEXT-1416 A
Partially move the API to the server ZBXNEXT-2519 ZBXNEXT-2519
Basic password policy
  1. [1], Zabbix 3.0.0beta1 released