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Zabbix 3.2 roadmap

Zabbix 3.2 was focused on further improvements of Zabbix UI (usability, speed, data representation), advanced log monitoring, modularization, better handling of large number of problem events which may or may not be related to each other.


Name Issue Specification Comments
Removing id field from log & text history tables ZBXNEXT-3135 ZBXNEXT-3135
count() filter by regexp ZBXNEXT-1250 ZBXNEXT-1250
New option for actions: delay escalation while in maintenance ZBXNEXT-3196 ZBXNEXT-3196
Search/filter on templates page ZBXNEXT-3175 ZBXNEXT-3175
Easier to use trigger hysteresis ZBXNEXT-2118 ZBXNEXT-2118
Matching log line counting and skipping ZBXNEXT-2430 ZBXNEXT-2430
Basic filtering for front-end pages ZBXNEXT-3296 ZBXNEXT-3296
Check SNMP Trap file availability ZBXNEXT-3267 ZBXNEXT-3267
Allow to edit items and trigger (created by LLD) like for the templated ones. ZBXNEXT-821 ZBXNEXT-821
Replace the "Add to favorites" icon with a more common one ZBXNEXT-3358 ZBXNEXT-3358
Visual representation of custom event tags ZBXNEXT-3337 ZBXNEXT-3337
Trigger functions evaluation for unsupported items ZBXNEXT-1791 ZBXNEXT-1791
Add {#DATACENTER.NAME} to vSphere monitoring discovery key fields ZBXNEXT-2877 ZBXNEXT-2877
Option to execute operations on trigger recovery ZBXNEXT-3101 ZBXNEXT-3101
Remove possibility to acknowledge OK events ZBXNEXT-3423 ZBXNEXT-3423
Web scenario XML export/import ZBXNEXT-178 ZBXNEXT-178 |
event tagging ZBXNEXT-2087 ZBXNEXT-2087
Negative trigger function parameters ZBXNEXT-2969 ZBXNEXT-2969
Extract a value from a macro {i.e. ITEM.VALUE} using regular expression ZBXNEXT-1638 ZBXNEXT-1638
Linkage between problem and ok events ZBXNEXT-3193 ZBXNEXT-3193
switch trigger to OK based on acknowledgement by user ZBXNEXT-104 ZBXNEXT-104
Independent escalation of each problem for multiple problems generated by a trigger ZBXNEXT-3195 ZBXNEXT-3195
Global event correlation ZBXNEXT-3277 ZBXNEXT-3277
New high-performance view of current problems ZBXNEXT-3201 ZBXNEXT-3201
Module for sending history data ZBXNEXT-3353 ZBXNEXT-3353
nested host groups ZBXNEXT-1262 ZBXNEXT-1262
Timeline for problem view ZBXNEXT-3405 ZBXNEXT-3405


Name Issue Specification Comments
Remote commands over Zabbix proxy ZBXNEXT-936 ZBXNEXT-936
Add throbber for all ongoing actions ZBXNEXT-3107 ZBXNEXT-3107
Heading as a selects control ZBXNEXT-3322 ZBXNEXT-3322
SNMP OID longer than 255 ZBXNEXT-3344 ZBXNEXT-3344