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Frontend does not support selecting main interfaces


Status: Draft



Currently frontend does not support selecting main interfaces. When host has multiple interfaces of the same type, selection of main interface for each type is based on interfaceid, so it's mostly random for end-user.


Host form should be updated with controls for selection main interfaces so that user could choose ones by himself.


  • Each interface type can have only one main interface.
  • GUI design:
Initial design

With the original design, it was hard to understand that each type can have one and only one main interface (called "default" in design), thus the interface was changed by splitting up interfaces per type. Additional benefit is that it was possible to remove Type column and reduce required horizontal space.

Second design version

Interface type can be changed by dragging the interface to another category using the up-down arrow on the left hand side. If it is not possible to drop interface in the current location, immediate feedback must be provided to the user - dragged interface must be greyed out and a tooltip must inform user why this operation is not possible (for example, if this is the last interface of a specific items that depend on it).

If interface can not have its type changed (it has items linked to it that may only belong to that type), dragging arrow is greyed out.

When an interface is dragged, a 'hint' below list of interfaces for each type says "Drag interface here to change its type".

Potential problem - if user would arrange interfaces in some order, save the host and return to host properties, order would change back to what it was before. Current solution - don't allow to reorder interfaces (they are always sorted by interfaceid).

API changes

  • when two/three interfaces of same type exist and main interface is deleted, should error be thrown or random left interface set as main?
  • when two/three interfaces of same type exist and main interface type is changed, should error be thrown or random left interface set as main?
i believe that both of the above should result in an error --Richlv 17:55, 21 November 2011 (SAST)
  • if host is added with one interface which is not set as main, should error be thrown or set it as main automatically?
in this case that single interface could be set as main silently (and that should happen for each type independently) --Richlv 17:55, 21 November 2011 (SAST)

I've made it always error if we have incorrect main interfaces setup, without automatic selection, also when create new host interface 'main' field is required. Vedmak 10:39, 1 December 2011 (SAST)