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Option to control macro expansion in map editing interface


Status: Final


An option should be added for map configuration to control whether macros are expanded or not.

This option does not affect monitoring section.


A new option should be added to control whether macros are expanded or not. That includes all macros supported in maps for both icons and links.


  • This option should be added to the map editing form and should be togglable without leaving the editing interface. The option will be available as "Expand macros [On/Off]". Default setting is "Off". It should be placed before Grid options.
  • It should also be saved per map.


  • It would be nice, if the resolved macros would be highlighted to distinguish them from plain text.

API changes

  • New parameter should be added

Database changes

  • New field for sysmaps table

FIELD |expand_macros |t_integer |'0' |NOT NULL |ZBX_SYNC

'0' - do not expand macros

'1' - expand macros