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Trigger dependencies


Status: Draft


Currently frontend and server supports dependencies between triggers. Trigger dependencies should work according to the given specification.



  • Trigger dependency may be added from any host trigger to any other host trigger, as long as it wouldn't result in a circular dependency.
  • Trigger dependency may be added from a template to a template. If a trigger from template A depends on a trigger from template B, template A may only be linked to a host (or another template) together with template B, but template B may be linked to a host (or another template) alone.
  • Trigger dependency may be added from template trigger to a host trigger. In this case, linking such a template to a host will create a host trigger that depends on the same trigger template trigger was depending on. This allows to, for example, have a template where some triggers depend on router (host) triggers. All hosts linked to this template will depend on that specific router.
  • Trigger dependency from a host trigger to a template trigger may not be added.
  • When copying triggers with dependencies to another host or template all internal dependencies should remain internal. External dependencies remain without any changes.

If we copy trigger to host and it has dependency to trigger that does not exist on that host, copy fails.


API changes

Database changes