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Global regular expression page redesign


Status: Draft


Global reg exp form should be redesigned.


Form design should be updated.

All actions should be performed without page refresh.

Form is separated for two tabs: first tab with Name field and expression list, second tab with test string, test results and "Test" button.

Testing is performed by sending ajax request to PHP. Testing can be initiated by clicking on 'Test' tab or special 'Test' button in 'Test' tab.


  • buttons should be restyled
    • Form should have four main actions "Save", "Clone", "Delete", "Cancel"
  • expression list manipulations should be performed without page refresh
    • delete button for individual expression in list
    • expression edit form should not have hover highlight
    • make "Case sensitive" option enabled by default
  • result column should show result of match combined with expression conditions
  • make "Test string" optional
  • 'Expected result' is changed to 'Expression type' in table headers

API changes

  • No changes