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Unified date format in the frontend


Status: v1.1

Owner: Pavels


The Zabbix frontend should use a single format for displaying dates and times.


  • By default, the date and time will be displayed according to the ISO 8601 standard as YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.
  • The date format will be translatable.
  • The new format will be implemented everywhere except for graphs.


The date and time format must be changed in the following places:


  • Values of "unixtime" items
  • Hints for LLD created objects that are not discovered any more
  • Date of the last unsuccessful user login attempt
  • Frontend trigger alerts


  • Page headers
  • Timebar period
  • Dashboard last 20 issues widget Last change column and acknowledgement pop up Time column
  • Web Last check column
  • Latest data
    • Last check column
    • History Timestamp column
  • Triggers Last change column
  • Event acknowledgement date
  • Events
    • Time column
    • Event details Time value
    • Message actions Time column
    • Command actions Time column
    • Event list Time column
    • CSV export Time column
  • Screens
    • Action log Time column
    • History of events Time column
    • Host group issues Time column and event pop up Time column
    • Host issues Time column and event pop up Time column
    • Plain text Timestamp column
    • Server info Updated value
    • System status acknowledgement pop up Time column
  • IT service From and Till columns
  • Availability report Period inputs
  • Bar reports Period inputs
    • Distribution of values for multiple items pop up period dates and captions
    • Distribution of values for multiple periods graph X axis period (this is an exception to other graphs due to its simplicity)
  • Map generation date (map's right-bottom corner)


  • Maintenance
    • Active till and Active since period inputs and columns
    • One time only period input and list label
  • IT service One time down time time inputs and list label


  • Users Is online? column
  • Audit Time column
  • Detailed queue Scheduled check column
  • Notifications From and Till columns


  • The time format used in CXmlImport18::createDOMDocument() must not be translatable.

Translation strings

Removed strings:

  • d M Y H:i:s
  • Y.M.d H:i:s
  • Y.m.d H:i:s
  • Y.m.d H:i
  • Y.m.d
  • Y
  • M Y
  • d M Y
  • d M Y H:i
  • D, d M Y H:i:s O
  • d.m.y
  • H.i
  • [H:i:s]


  • What's new
  • Upgrade notes regarding the change of the CSV date and time format
  • Frontend documentation and screenshots


  • 1.1
    • the date format must be translatable