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Dynamic Latest data loading


Status: Draft


Latest data page should load only requested data and do that without page reload.


Currently Latest data page is fully reloaded when expanding/collapsing entries. This is slow and increases the load on the database. Additionally, items without an application assigned can not be expanded/collapsed individually per host, all of such entries (listed as - other -) are expanded/collapsed when only one + or - icon is clicked.

This should be changed by making each entry expand without a page reload, and adding an ability to expand entries, not linked to specific applications, individually.


  • When expanding a collapsed entry, a spinner is displayed and only the required data is requested in the background.
    • Spinner is displayed in the Name column after all the text in it.
    • While gathering the information, corresponding + control is disabled.
  • There must be a timeout for the background request. If the request timeouts or fails, spinner should change to some sort of an error icon with a tooltip explaining that it timed out or was unable to connect at all.
    • Timeout is hardcoded (constant in ?) and can not be user-configured.
    • If the request fails for any reason, + control is reenabled.
  • When collapsing an expanded entry, it is hidden, but data is not removed. Expanding it again uses the previously retrieved data.
  • Multiple entries can be expanded at the same time. In this case spinner is displayed for each of them and data is retrieved independently.
    • If the + is clicked in the header, data for all entries expanded is retrieved in a single request.
    • Data for expanded entries is not retrieved again when the + is clicked in the header.

API changes


Database changes