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Switch trigger to OK based on acknowledgement by user


Status: Initial draft, do not comment, it is not complete

Owner: Alexei


Users should have an option to switch trigger to OK by manual acknowledgement. Also a trigger should support an option to be configured so that it will stay in problem state (along with all past problem events) until an event is acknowledged and cleared by user.


Acknowledgement events (see should be implemented first.


There will be a new trigger option:

 Allow OK on acknowledgement [X]

If the option is selected, standard acknowledge form will have an new option available:

 Clear problem [X] # probably the label should be different to explain that it is about scheduling event to be cleared

If the option is selected, an acknowledgement record will be written to the database will have acknowledgement.autoclear flag set to 1. In this case:

The option will be available only if there is no acknowledgement record with the autoclear flag set to 1 exists for the event.

  • server generates standard ACK event (see
  • server changes trigger status to OK and generates standard trigger OK event. Server will also set acknowledgement.generatedeventid to ID of the OK event. It is needed in order to have a link between OK event and acknowledge record that cleared it.

API changes

Translation strings

  • Allow OK on acknowledgement
  • Clear problem

Database changes

New fields for table 'acknowledge'



  • What's new in 2.4
  • Zabbix Manual
    • Trigger screenshots
    • Documentation on acknowledges, screenshots

To be discussed

  • Will server generate new ACK records (like "Trigger status was changed to OK by user acknowledgement") when switching trigger to OK state? In this case server should also generate a new ACK event, not nice.
  • Better naming for new database fields
  • How we should display manually resolved problems in the front-end? Different style for such OK/PROBLEM events?
  • The specification does not cover functionality to have triggers that needs to be cleared only manually.
  • How does maintenance affects this functionality?


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