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Frontend should have some indicator for lost LLD resources that are going to be removed


Status: Final



An additional indicator icon will be added to the "Error" column in the item configuration table. When mouse over on the icon, a tooltip will appear, saying that "The item is missing and will be deleted in N years M months L days O hours P minutes (on yyyy:mm:dd hh:mm)".

Our standard time period format shall be used there cutting off non-existent parts.

A default value for "lifetime" field should be set to 30 (days) in discovery rule form.



This information is displayed for items only.

API changes

  • A "selectItemDiscovery" option will be added to the Item.get method to include item_discovery objects in the result. It will provide access to all fields of the item_discovery table.

Database changes

  • A timestamp "ts_delete" field will be added to the item_discovery table. It will contain the timestamp, when the item will be deleted.
  • A "lifetime" field default value should be changed to 30 (days).