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Expose templated screens


Status: Final


Templated screens are not exposed to users properly, and Monitoring -> Hosts isn't very useful.


Monitoring -> Hosts should be removed and access to templated screens implemented in several locations.


  • Monitoring -> Hosts should be removed
  • Global search result page should be changed:
    • Links to templated screens should be added, both to monitoring and configuration columns in host block
    • Host group and template blocks should be moved below the host block
    • All blocks should be made expandable/collapsible same way as in the dashboard. The state of the block should be remembered.
  • Host entries should receive the same popup menu as elsewhere:
    • Monitoring -> Latest data
    • Monitoring -> Events
    • Monitoring -> Events -> Event details
    • Monitoring -> Overview (when hosts are displayed on the left hand side)
  • Host popup menus, available in several locations, should receive link Host screens
    • This link should be only shown if host has screens defined
    • Host popup menu locations to be verified:
      • Monitoring -> Dashboard
      • Monitoring -> Triggers
      • Monitoring -> Maps
      • Monitoring -> Latest data
      • Monitoring -> Events


API changes

Database changes

No database changes needed.