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Map severity filter option


Status: v1.1

Owner: Alexei, Sasha


It should be allowed to select minimum level of trigger severity to display in a map. It should be possible to configure it in the map configuration form and optionally overwrite it in map view screen.

Interface changes

Map view page

The page has to be extended to have a new drop-down:

 Map [MAP SELECTION] Minimum severity [Not classified/.../Disaster]

The drop-down should respect names of severities defined under Administration -> General -> Trigger severities.

The default map severity should be selected. User selection of severity will be remembered in user profiles only if differs from map-level severity setting.

Map-level severity will be displayed in the drop-down as "<severity name> (default)", for example, "Disaster (default)".

Selected severity should be preserved when navigating to sub-maps. Also severity filter should be set when clicking on a host and selecting "Status of Triggers" in context menu.

Screen view page

Map used in screens will always use map-level severity setting.


Existing filter label 'Min severity' should be renamed to 'Minimum trigger severity'.

Map configuration form

The will be a new option:

 After 'Problem display':
 Minimum trigger severity [Not classified/Information/Warning/Average/High/Disaster]

The control should respect names of severities defined under Administration->General->Trigger severities.

'Not classified' is the default option.

API changes

Map related API calls should be extended to support optional map attributed 'severity_min'.

XML import/export

Map XML import/export should support new optional field 'severity_min'. It should be set to '0' if missing.

Translation strings

  • Minimum trigger severity
  • Minimum severity
  • default

Database changes

New field for table 'sysmaps':

 FIELD |severity_min  |t_integer      |'5'    |NOT NULL       |ZBX_SYNC  # 0 -not classified, ..., 5 - disaster

New profile key will be introduced:


profiles.value_id will keep sysmapid, profiles.value_int will keep selected severity, profiles.type should be set to 2.


  • What's new
  • Database structure including new profile key
  • API docs
  • Map configuration and Monitoring -> Maps
  • Screenshots of Configuration -> Triggers
  • XML

Test cases

  • Changed severity names properly reflected everywhere

Also discussed

  • User cannot change severity when viewing a screen with map included


  • 1.1 Set default table field value to 5 (Disaster). Because 5 is the highest possible severity which comes as default, so all previously created maps should have the same default severity.