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More user friendly addition of new map elements


Status: Draft, not ready for comments

Owner: Alexei


Currently it takes too much clicks to add several hosts to a map. Usability of map editing should be improved.



  • Map editing form will be extended to have two tabs: 'Map' and 'Edit'
    • 'Map' will contain map details currently available in map details form (Name, Width, Height, etc)
    • 'Edit' will display map for editing along with some controls

New tab: Edit

  • The tab will have two columns, one for control and another form for the map
  • List of controls in the left column:
    • Button 'Add host' to add hosts selected in a popup
    • Button 'Add host group'
    • Button 'Add image'
    • Button 'Add submap'
    • Button 'Add trigger'
    • Button 'Align icons'
    • Radio button 'Expand macros': 'Show as is'/'Expand'
    • Radio button 'Show grid': 'Yes'/'No'
    • Radio button 'Align to grid': 'On'/'Off'
    • Radio button Grid: '20x20', 40x40', etc
    • A newly added element should be automatically selected and element editing form displayed
  • A newly added hosts will be added starting from left-top location and the left->right and top->down with respected alignment settings
  • Top-left corner of all selected elements will display 'X' icon for one-click removal of the selected element


  • Zabbix Manual: update existing screenshots

Test cases


  • N/A

Open questions

  • Perhaps map editing should be made same style as the graph form, i.e. map level details in one tab and map editing in another
or they could be expandable sections in the same page without tabs --Richlv (talk) 10:39, 30 November 2012 (EET)