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New dashboard filter: exclude list of host groups


Status: v1.4

Owner: Alexei, Sasha


Zabbix Dashboard will support a new filter for excluding list of host groups.

Dashboard configuration page

  • The Groups selection will be modified
    • The label Groups should be renamed to Show selected groups
    • Existing list of selected groups should be replaced by new multi-select control
    • Information about selected groups will be stored in user profiles, key 'web.dashconf.groups.groupids' as it is now
Adding of show or similar descriptive part to the key will not be done at this time to reduce the amount of required changes
  • New label Hide selected groups and host group selection will be added below Show selected groups
    • Information about selected group will be stored in user profiles, key 'web.dashconf.groups.hide.groupids'
  • If a host group ID no longer exists it should not be displayed and must be removed from user profiles when the form is saved
  • The groups should be sorted naturally
  • Width of the control should be 50


  • The 'Hide selected groups' will not be displayed in the Dashboard
  • If a host belongs to a group which is selected in two lists (it's allowed), it will not be displayed in the Dashboard
  • If 'Show selected groups' is empty, then all groups except groups in 'Hide selected groups' will be displayed in the Dashboard

Details about new host selection control

  • A new multi-select control will be developed
  • It should be universal, i.e. could be reused in our view for other object not only host groups
  • It should support multi-selection like current implementation of labels in Jira.
  • It will search only by first letters, case insensitive (if typed 'Za' the list will display 'Zabbix servers' and 'zabbix proxies', but not 'Bonanza')
  • Ajax will be used for auto-completion, i.e. it will load selection list dynamically after first letter is typed with 0.5 second delay
    • In case of any problems (network issues, expired session, whatever) returned list should be empty, no error displayed
  • Same object cannot be selected twice
  • The control should look naturally in different GUI themes
  • Added new profile string "web.dashconf.groups.hide.groupids" for saving hidden groups
  • It will load no more than 20 search results sorted naturally. The number is controlled by using parameter "limit".
    • If there are more than 20 search results found, a note "More matches found.." will be displayed under input field.

API changes


Strings added

  • No results match
  • More matches found...


  • What's new section updated
  • Screenshots of Dashboard configuration form updated and explained

Test cases

  • The new host selection controls must be tested very carefully under all browsers
    • Check that the list returned by Ajax is empty in case of communication problems and/or expired API session
    • Test new selection over a slow connection


  • 1.1 added condition if 'Show selected groups' is empty
  • 1.2 added new profile key and new translation strings
  • 1.3 added data preloading
  • 1.4 The Chosen plugin will not be used, a new one will be created from scratch