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Support of SNMP v3 context name


Status: v1.2

Owner: Alexei, Sasha


Zabbix should support optional setting of SNMP v3 context name.

Interface changes

Configuration->Hosts/Templates->Item form

Configuration->Hosts/Templates->Item mass update form

Configuration->Hosts/Templates->Discovery rule form

Configuration->Hosts/Templates->Item prototype form

Configuration-Discovery->SNMPv3 check sub-form

These forms will have a new input field after 'SNMP OID' for item type 'SNMPv3 agent' only:

 Context name [     ] <- same width as SNMP OID field

No validation required.

For templated items, discovery rules and item prototypes the new field should be writable.

Server and Proxy side changes

Zabbix Server and Proxy should set SNMPv3 context name if not empty. It should also resolve user macros in this field.

It will affect both SNMPv3 checks including LLD and also SNMPv3 network discovery.

Zabbix Server should populate SNMPv3 field when doing template linkage and processing of item prototypes.

API changes

All item, LLD rule, item prototype and network discovery related API calls should support optional field 'snmpv3_contextname'.

XML import/export

XML import/export should support optional field 'snmpv3_contextname' for items, LLD rules and item prototypes. It should be set to " for new items if missing.

Translation strings

  • Context name

Database changes

New field for table 'items':

 FIELD |snmpv3_contextname|t_varchar(255)|" |NOT NULL       |ZBX_SYNC,ZBX_PROXY

New field for table 'dchecks':

 FIELD |snmpv3_contextname|t_varchar(255)|" |NOT NULL       |ZBX_SYNC,ZBX_PROXY


  • What's new
  • Zabbix Manual
    • List of supported macros
    • Screenshots of item definition form, LLD rule, item prototype and network discovery rule
  • Database structure
  • XML documentation
  • API documentation
    • Methods
    • Changelog


  • 1.1
    • added "Item mass update form" into "Interface changes" section
  • 1.2
    • updated "Interface changes" section: field should be writable in templated elements