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Support of full 64 bit address space for object IDs in non-DM setup


Status: v1.0

Owner: Alexei, Sasha


By default Zabbix should use full 64 bit space (signed int64) for all objects in standalone setup.



  • SQL code should not perform any ID related filtering if running in standalone mode and it must not contain any dummy conditions like '1=1'
  • Reservation of new IDs should have different allowed range for DM and standalone modes
  • Existing validation (if there is any) of ID ranges should be enhanced to work differently in standalone mode

Server side details

  • zabbix_server -n should verify that there are no configuration objects with IDs bigger than 99999999999999 and no historical objects (events, alerts, etc) with IDs bigger than 99999999999999999
    • It should fail with error message 'Unable to convert. Some of object IDs are out of range in table "%s"' otherwise.


Test cases

  • Standalone setup works fine and executed SQLs do not use any filtering for IDs (both server/proxy and front-end)
  • Conversion using 'zabbix_server -n N' works fine
    • It should fail if some of object IDs are larger than 99999999999999
  • Verify that if maximum object ID is 99999999999999, a new one will be 100000000000000
  • Check that in DM mode everything works as before


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