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Support of configurable number of retries per web scenario


Status: v1.1

Owner: Alexei, Sasha


Zabbix will support number of retries on web scenario level in order to deal with timeouts and network related issues. Each web step will respect this parameter.

Server side changes

  • Number of retries will affect execution of each individual step of web scenario
  • Zabbix will immediately repeat execution of a step 'retries' times only in case of network related problems (timeouts, unable to connect, etc)
    • Zabbix will not repeat execution of a step in case of wrong response code or a mismatch of required string
  • Template linkage for web scenario should be updated to support number of retries
  • Zabbix will generate only a single warning message in case if all attempts failed for a web step

Front-end changes

  • New integer field Retries will be added after existing Update interval (in sec)
    • Default value is 1
    • Field length: 2 characters
    • Validation rule: range of 1-10
  • This field can be overridden on host level
  • Update of this field on template level will override it downstream (see API changes)

API changes

  • httptest.get and httptest.update will be extended to support new attribute 'retries'
    • Validation rule: integer; there will be no range validation, it will be part of a different task
  • Update of this attribute on template level will override it downstream

Strings added

New strings will be added:

  • Retries

Database changes

  • New field for table 'httptest'



  • What's new updated
  • Parameter 'Retries' must be explained
  • Screenshots of the web scenario form must be updated
  • API documentation updated

Test cases

  • Template linkage works fine with the new field
  • Web scenario form is ok
  • Change of the field on template level override it downstream
  • Validation works fine
  • Zabbix server does retry execution of web steps


  • 1.1
    • Removed: If the validation fails, an error must be triggered: "Incorrect number of retries for web scenario "%1$s"."