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Automatic scheduled backup of configuration data


Status: Initial draft, do not comment

Owner: Alexei


The functionality will provide scheduled (daily, weekly) backup of configuration data in database independent format.

Zabbix Server

The will be a new server process 'backup', which will periodically dump data from configuration tables into a file.

A new mandatory configuration parameter 'BackupPath' will specify location of backup files. Backup files will be created in the following format:

Another optional configuration parameter 'BackupPostScript' will specify command that has to be executed after successful backup procedure. The script may contain $1, which will be replaced by the full backup file name:

 BackupPostScript=tar cvzf $1.tar.gz $1

Zabbix Restore

A new utility, zabbix_restore, will be created. The utility will restore configuration information from a backup file.

The utility will not create database structure, it will overwrite existing data instead. Backup file created from one database engine could be restored on a different one, therefore it would be possible to use backup/restore mechanism to convert data to a different type of database.

Command-line configuration parameters



A manpage for zabbix_restore has to be created and included into distribution.

Backup file format


Translation strings

  • New or updated string

Database changes



  • What's new
  • Zabbix Manual

Test cases


Open questions

  • Perhaps all configuration should be moved to the front-end.


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