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Ability to disable SNMP bulk support per interface


Status: An attempt to document something already sort of developed

Owner: Disowned


SNMP bulk get support was implemented, but it turned out that there are many broken implementations. A need to disable bulkget per host/interface is needed.


Apparently a checkbox per interface was implemented. Issue does not talk about layout/design/label of this checkbox.


  • There does not seem to be mass update implemented - there's a strange comment on the issue: "now it is unnecessary function in mass update". It does seem to be something people might want to do.
  • No support to control this by templates - if there's a known broken device that is discovered with network discovery, there is no way to make it not use bulkget by default, for example.
  • Unspecified behaviour of value of this property for non-snmp interfaces - like snmp interface changed to agent, then back

API changes

  • The new bulk property will be implemented for host interfaces: integer, supported values: 1 - enabled, 2 - disabled, default: 1.
  • If an invalid bulk value is provided, the API will trigger an error message: "Incorrect bulk value for interface."
  • Hostinterface.massremove and host.massremove will support the new optional bulk parameter in the interfaces parameter.

Translation strings

New translatable strings:

  • Use bulk requests
  • Incorrect bulk value for interface.

XML export/import

  • The bulk flag will be exported in the bulk tag in the interfaces array.
  • When importing a host from an older version of Zabbix, SNMP bulk get will be enabled by default.

Database changes

  • A new field will be added to the interface table:
 FIELD		|bulk		|t_integer	|'1'	|NOT NULL	|ZBX_PROXY



  • change snmp interface to another type then back - was bulk state preserved (both on/off) ?
  • change snmp bulk for an interface - was it properly updated in the configuration cache ?


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