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Filtering by application in Overview pages


Status: v1.0

Owner: Alexei, Sasha


Overview pages as well as related screen elements should support optional filtering by application.

Frond-end changes


  • The page will be extended to support optional filtering by application
  • A new drop-down Application will be placed between Group and Type drop-downs
    • The drop-down will contain option all (show all applications) or not selected along with a list of all application available for selected host group
    • The list of application must be natively sorted
  • The application drop-down must respect global options Drop-down first entry and remember selected
  • Selected application will remain when selecting different host group if the host group has the same application, otherwise default entry will be selected (all or not selected)
  • If different hosts have different set of items for selected application, all items will be displayed.

Configuration of screens

  • Screen elements Trigger overview and Data overview will support filtering by application
    • A new field Application will be added to these elements between Group and Hosts location fields.
      • Maxlength: 255 size: 50
      • There will be no content validation, any string can be entered
  • If Application is empty, the no filtering will be applied
  • If Application is not empty, then the data/trigger overview cells will display only items linked to the Application (exact match).
  • Information about selected application will not be displayed in screen element when the screen is displayed under monitoring.

API changes

  • New field 'application' will be supported by screenitem.get and screenitem.update methods for object of types SCREEN_RESOURCE_TRIGGERS_OVERVIEW and SCREEN_RESOURCE_DATA_OVERVIEW.

XML import/export

  • New optional field 'application' will be supported for screen elements of types SCREEN_RESOURCE_TRIGGERS_OVERVIEW and SCREEN_RESOURCE_DATA_OVERVIEW.
  • XML should work fine with older XML exported from Zabbix 1.8 and 2.0

Database changes

  • New field for table screens_items
    • FIELD |application |t_varchar(255) |`` |NOT NULL |ZBX_SYNC


Test cases

  • Monitoring->Overview
  • Configuration of screens
  • XML import: both older and new format should be supported


  • N/A