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Support of disabling media types


Status: Final



Zabbix media types should support disabling in order to prevent sending of messages to a specific media type.


If media type is enabled everything works as before, otherwise messages generated for the media type will not be sent and marked with message 'Media type is not active' in the action log. Disabled media types can be used everywhere in the front-end as active ones (media type selection dropdowns mainly) and shouldn't be marked differently.


  • Media type form should be extended to have Enabled checkbox.
  • List of media types should display status (green - active, red - disabled). The column title is 'Status' and it is located after column 'Type'. It is because we may expect quite lengthy data in Used in actions column. The column will not be available for sorting.
  • Media type must change status on click on the status link. No popup should be displayed here.
  • Mass actions should be extended to support: Enable selected, Disable selected.

API changes

  • API to be extended to support new media_type.status

Database changes

  • New field for table 'media_type'
FIELD          |status         |t_integer      |'0'    |NOT NULL       |ZBX_SYNC