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Redesigning trigger editing form


Status: Draft


Trigger editing form will be redesigned for 2.0 style & jQuery usage.



  • Trigger severity selection is changed from a dropdown to jQuery styled buttons. Button background color changes for the currently selected severity according to the severity color, selected in Administration -> General, Trigger severities entry.
  • Multiple PROBLEM event generation control is changed from a dropdown with two entries to a checkbox with label "Multiple PROBLEM events generation".
  • toggle input method is changed to Expression constructor and Close expression constructor if constructor is opened.
  • For a templated trigger, Delete button is visible, but disabled.
  • Checkbox label Disabled has been changed to Enabled and is marked by default.
  • In trigger prototype expression constructor Error column is not shown, because trigger prototypes would always be in an error state.
  • In trigger expression condition popup window T field is disabled for entries that map to trigger function last() if it's set to Seconds.
  • For a templated trigger, new row Parent triggers is shown.
    • It lists trigger inheritance chain (template names) that can be clicked to edit trigger in that specific template.
    • Parent templates are sorted from higher to lower.
Dependency configuration
  • Dependency configuration is moved to a new tab, titled Dependencies.
  • In trigger dependency list, checkboxes next to each trigger and button Delete selected have been replaced by Remove link next to each entry.
  • In trigger dependency list, triggers are listed as <host_visible_name>:<trigger_name> .
  • In trigger dependency list, triggers are sorted by hostname first, by trigger name after that.


API changes

Database changes