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Custom graph property page redesign


Status: Draft


Custom graph property page must be redesigned to the new framework



  • Item ordering is changed to the draggable one as elsewhere;
  • Item list gains a header;
  • Item list uses "remove" links instead of checkboxes + a button
  • Checkboxes "Show working time" and "Show triggers" are enabled by default for new graphs
  • When a host or template is not selected, button "Create graph" is disabled and is is indicated to the user that host or template must be selected
  • New graph items now use a colour according to an algorithm:
    • Colours are generated with R, G, B combination using 3 different palettes. Every colour is remembered so next time we take next.
  • Adding the same item twice is allowed, now we can create for example avg and max items with custom colours..
  • If we create graph for template - only items from given template can be selected in popup, if real host - items from any host.

API changes

Database changes