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Redesign slide show configuration


Status: Draft


Slide show configuration should be redesigned for Zabbix 2.0


Current slide show configuration form does not use new frontend elements and is extremely cumbersome to use for what little functionality it provides. This will be improved.


  • Configuration menu is renamed from Slides to Slide shows
  • Checkboxes and Delete selected button are replaced with Remove links besides each entry
  • Slide ordering is implemented as a drag and drop operation
  • Clicking Add shows screen selection popup immediately without a subform
  • Clicking on a screen already on the list opens screen selection popup
  • Individual slide delay can be modified directly in the list. If delay not entered placeholder text "default" will be shown.
  • In the slide popup, multiple screens may be selected.
--This probably should be only when we add new slides. Vedmak 15:31, 19 December 2011 (EET)


API changes

Should not require any API changes.

Database changes

Database changes not required