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Events/bugsquash day 0

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Bug squash kick-off event, January 9th 2014

This day will hopefully be remembered as the first of many bugsqash days. It happened thanks to the personal efforts of Pavels.

Set up agenda

Size (changed lines)	Pain I suffer	Ticket
40			0   [#ZBXNEXT-143]  severity filtering for "most busy triggers top 100"
130			+++   [#ZBXNEXT-410]  Add more filters to the Events page
80			++  [#ZBXNEXT-1456] ability to filter for discovered items
15			+   [#ZBXNEXT-892]  Triggers should be filterable by Unknown status
20			++  [#ZBXNEXT-1533] Show which action was responsible for sending a message in the audit log
30			++  [#ZBXNEXT-1628] [Patch] Add a filter for applications to Latest Data
10/70			++  [#ZBXNEXT-1761] Show proxy names for search results
10?			+++  [#ZBXNEXT-1965] [Patch] Improve ad-hoc navigation between item configuration and data
3			++      [#ZBX-6350]     Width of event source details is not limited in case of large expressions
20			++   [#ZBXNEXT-421]  display user account information in action auditlog
40			++  [#ZBXNEXT-1456] Filtering hosts by proxy
15			0  [#ZBXNEXT-1735] Hide history hyperlink in 'Latest data' if history is disabled
60?                     +++     [#ZBXNEXT-1872] List all host interfaces in columns of frontend
10			+++      [#ZBX-6940]     Accessing previous search via history hyperlink
2			++  [#ZBXNEXT-1291] make templates clickable in host properties

Considered to fix:

10			0      [#ZBX-7095]     Filter for dashboard should have a 'Cancel' button
50                      ++      [#ZBXNEXT-1632] Show host menu entries to quickly access graphs + more useful GET parameters
10?			+  [#ZBXNEXT-1910] Sort maintenance list by status

Users involved on IRC (alphabetic order)

  • pavels
  • pidzero
  • volter


  • Changes would be for 2.4 (2.2 is current at the time of this writing)
  • Filtering and navigation issues need to be addressed on a global scale, consequently they are not treated here

IRC log (10:32 - 14:54)