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Events/bugsquash day 1

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Bug squash day #1, January 31st 2014

Please add to it, taking into account

Proposed agenda

Resolved/Work started

<Pavels> We'll start with fixing "Month and minute are shortened with "m""
<Richlv> RESOLVED by eduards, to be tested & reviewed
<Pavels> RESOLVED by Ivo

Too complicated for bugsquash

<Pavels> Too big. -> CLOSED
<Pavels> We'll need to consider other implementations before doing this. -> CLOSED
<Pavels> There are a lot of ways we can approach this problem, so we'll need to consider this carefully. It's certainly not bugsquashable. -> CLOSED
<Richlv> also used for pie graphs. redesigning that might is too complicated for a bugsquash event -> CLOSED
<Richlv> RESOLVED by jm__
<Richlv> RESOLVED by jm__

No action taken yet

Considered to fix at previous events