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Events/bugsquash day 11

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Bug squash day #11, November 11th 2014

Please add to it, taking into account

Proposed agenda


Brought over from previous events

<asaveljevs> It might be better to deal with that in and issues mentioned there.
<Pavels> Still not sure how to resolve this issue. We'll get back to it.
<q1x> Minutes should be 'min', see SI units list (e.g. That way we can keep m for month, as there is no official SI for that afaik.

Comment on the bugsquash day#3: <Oleg> Will be discussed...

<Richlv> gvy, you could try adding it to the bugsquash agenda with a note that only the initial review is needed at this time :)

<Ivo> RESOLVED, awaits testing.