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Events/bugsquash day 4

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Bug squash day #4, April 10th 2014

Please add to it, taking into account

Proposed agenda

<pavels> The suggested implementation is very specific, not sure if it will be very useful to other users.

<pavels> A great feature, but it's a big development.

<richlv> after some investigation, this one turned out to be out of scope for bugsquash, see the comment in jira for more detail

<asaveljevs> Great improvement, but out of scope for bugsquashing.

<asaveljevs> CLOSED as duplicate of ZBXNEXT-1223.

<pavels> This is currently on our priority "to do" list, but this is not a bugsquashing issue.

<Oleg> Fixed, but will not implemented

<asaveljevs> Added a comment what LDAP and cURL libraries are needed for, and where SSH linking comes from.

<asaveljevs> Reviewing patch...


<Oleg> Fixed

Brought over from previous events

Comment on the last bugsquash days: <Oleg> Will be discussed...

<richlv> in progress

<richlv> this is one of my pet usability issues, but i believe it is way too large for bugsquash - we'd have to unify it for all filters

<Dimir> CLOSED