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Events/bugsquash day 8

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Bug squash day #8, August 5th 2014

Please add to it, taking into account

Proposed agenda


Note: Agenda of Bug squash day #8 has been moved to Events/bugsquash_day_9

Brought over from previous events

<Pavels> Still not sure how to resolve this issue. We'll get back to it.

Comment on the bugsquash day#3: <Oleg> Will be discussed...

<Richlv> gvy, you could try adding it to the bugsquash agenda with a note that only the initial review is needed at this time :)

<Pavels> The proposed solution seems to be unclear and uncommon for Zabbix so we wouldn't want to implement it that way. We would probably need to rethink the linkage control to find a better solution.
<Richlv> as commented in the issue, similar solution is used in mass update already