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Host interfaces

Import of hosts and interfaces is supported for 1.8 and 2.* versions.

Importing from 2.*

Interfaces are imported according to the following algorithm:

  1. Default interfaces present in the target host are updated with parameters from interfaces of the imported host.
  2. All other interfaces from the imported host that match an interface on the target host are kept as is. Interfaces are matched by all fields.
  3. All other interfaces on the imported host (not default, not matching) are added to the target host.
  4. All other interfaces one the target host are removed if possible.

Importing from 1.8

As in v1.8 there was no concept of multiple interfaces, when importing a host from v1.8 the following interfaces are inferred:

  • A default agent interface is created from the IP address, Zabbix agent port, DNS name and Connect to fields of the imported host.
  • If at least one IPMI item exists on the imported host an IPMI interface is made from values of fields IPMI IP address and IPMI port. If source host field IPMI IP address is empty the value of IP address is used instead.
  • For each SNMP item with different port specified in field SNMP port an SNMP interface with the value of IP address from the imported host and SNMP port value of the SNMP item.

After interfaces have been determined, the 2.* interface importing rules apply.