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Infoblox template

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I have created a template for Infoblox DNS appliances. The template relies solely on SNMP, so no additional support scripts are required.

Items monitored

The following items are read from the Infoblox appliance via SNMPv2:

  • RAM/Swap usage
  • CPU usage
  • bloxTools, DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, NTP, TFPT service
  • DHCP/DHCP6 Acks/Declines/Discovers/Informs/etc.
  • DNS NxDomain/NxRRset/Recursion/Success/etc response summary (for all domains)
  • DNS NxDomain/NxRRset/Recursion/Success/etc responses per domain
  • DDNS failed/rejected/successful update/etc. statistics
  • Grid member role
  • Zone transfer count
  • DHCP network usage
  • Grid node replication status
  • WebUI availability


Import the Zabbix template, by navigating to Configuration, Templates, Import.


The template can be downloaded from the Github project