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Since won't be longer supported, we encourage you to use the Community section of the Zabbix Website to get access to the Git repository,, and other useful pages.

Please read FAQ first. Zabbix is an open source monitoring software - Zabbix on Wikipedia. This is Zabbix community platform.

Templates How to Information
Searcher icon.png Zabbix searcher
Github logo.png Community repos (templates/tools)
Z.png Zabbix Share portal
Z.png Zabbix templates wiki page
Pootle-3-fit.png Pootle for translating Zabbix
Z.png Free test Zabbix instance
Z.png Zabbix demo installation
Websvn logo.png Official SVN repo over WebSVN
Cli icon.png Zabbix CLI tools
Zapix.png Zabbix API libraries
Zapix.png Zapix API web tool
Help logo.png Getting help
Irc logo.png IRC #zabbix
Forum logo.png Forum
Github logo.png Community repos (templates/tools)
link= LinkedIn LinkedIn group
Email logo.png User mailing list
Usergroup logo.png Local user groups
Zabbix interest over time

Zabbix google trend stat.png
Interest in Zabbix is growing over time.
You can see worldwide data, 2004 - present.
Definitely Zabbix is a good choice for you.

Zabbix Summit 2019

Zabbix Summit 2019

Get help and be part of the community

Need some help with Zabbix? Want to meet other Zabbix users? Read about the available options.

Get Zabbix

Getting source and compiling from git

Commercial tools