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Notification Asterisk

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It is possible to use Asterisk for calling notifications for Zabbix. Based on it should be possible, but it doesn't mention how it is possible. On this page an example is provided that is very basic.

We use a script called zabbix_asterisk_notification.php located in alert.d/. The script is provided below and informs us using a call file for Asterisk that there is a problem, if we add additional code to it we could probably mention the server having the problem (in that case it might be required to make a soundfile per server).

 $from = '31123456789'; // Caller ID
 $context = 'sip-internal'; // Context for Asterisk
 // Debugging?
 $debug    = true; // Enable or disable debugging, if true it is enabled if false it is disabled
 $time = date("YmdHis");
 if (count($argv)<3) {
     die ("Usage: ".$argv[0]." recipientmobilenumber \"subject\" \"message\"\n");
 if ( $debug ) file_put_contents("/tmp/zabbix_asterisk_".$time, serialize($argv));
 $to         = $argv[1];
 $subject    = $argv[2];  // not being used
 $message    = $argv[3];
 $string = 'Channel: '.$to.'
 Context: '.$context.'
 Callerid: '.$from.'
 Archive: Yes
 Application: Playback
 $up = 'Data: server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up&server&is&now&up
 $down = 'Data: warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down&warning&server&down
 if($subject == 'up'){
        $string .= $up;
 }elseif($subject == 'down'){
        $string .= $down;
 }elseif($subject == 'OK'){
        $string .= $up;
 }elseif($subject == 'PROBLEM'){
        $string .= $down;
        // You should never hear this message
        $string .= 'Data: hello-world&hello-world&hello-world&hello-world
 exec('/bin/chmod 777 /tmp/notification_'.$time,$output,$return);
 exec('/bin/cp -a /tmp/notification_'.$time.' /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/notification_'.$time,$output,$return);
 if ( $debug !== true) exec('/bin/rm /tmp/notification_'.$time,$output,$return);

In Zabbix we have a Administration -> Media type defined as script with the name zabbix_asterisk_notification.php and description Zabbix Asterisk notification. Configuration -> Actions has an action named Call notification with both subjects set to {TRIGGER.STATUS} and both messages set to "{TRIGGER.STATUS}: {TRIGGER.NAME}" and the action set to "Send only to" Zabbix Asterisk notification and to the group Zabbix administrators and the operation type is send message. There are a few conditions (we only want to get phone calls if the trigger severity is high and/or disaster).

The administrators have the following Media set in their account:

Type: Zabbix Asterisk notification
Send to: LOCAL/1234 // Dialplan in a context of Asterisk, setting a SIP/0123456789@trunk should also be possible
When active: when should they be notified
Use if severity: High + Disaster
Status: enabled

Hopefully you can use the information above, it is tested on Zabbix 1.8.11 and when we discover updates are required when we use a newer Zabbix version we will update it. Questions can be mailed to