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OneFS template

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I have created a template for Isilon OneFS storage appliances. The template relies solely on SNMP, so no additional support scripts are required.

Items monitored

The following items are read from the Isilon OneFS appliance via SNMPv2:

Cluster template (cluster overview):

  • /ifs free/available/used space
  • Total throughput of transactions on the /ifs share
  • Cluster GUID/Name/node count
  • Online/Offline nodes
  • Snapshot reserve/access via NFS/CIFS/local
  • License state
  • Protocol (NFS/FTP/SMB/etc) throughput/OI count
  • Snapshot creation/deletion/expiration/lock state/path
  • Snapshot schedules

Node template (per node data points):

  • /ifs throughput
  • Chassis model/number/serial/LED status
  • CPU usage
  • Node "health"
  • Network usage/health
  • Version of OneFS
  • ReadOnly status
  • Disk usage/throughput/health
  • Fan speed
  • Amp/Volt consumption
  • NFS/CIFS/SMB/etc throughput
  • Temperature sensors


Import the Zabbix template, by navigating to Configuration, Templates, Import.


The template can be downloaded from the Github project