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SNMP Traps in zabbix with SNMPv3

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Zabbix documentation is lacking the needed information for SNMPv3

a ticket was made

With SNMPv3 it's important to know that AES256Bit support is probably not working on most systems as there is no support for it by net-snmp

The configuration of the snmptrapd.conf file is also a bit different in the file add the following lines

Edit snmptrapd Config

vi /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf

createUser -e <engineid> <user> SHA <key> AES <key>
authUser log,execute <user>
perl do "/usr/bin/";

authUser needs to have the execute option else the perl script will not be executed also the engineid is the engineid for the traps not the engineid configured on the switch for polling

there is also the option to send traps or informs from my understanding it's best to configure informs as they will send the ACK signal back once the trap was received by the snmptrapd daemon