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Now add that to your daily menu at 1050 calories Leptitox will put on extra pound every 3 1/2 days. You don't believe me, just get your writing, get your measuring cups and see what a half-cup of ice cream looks like and start measuring your portions and log all foods in. As you can see, you really have nothing to lose but those few extra pounds. Start writing in your food journal today. Steer clear of all types of carbonated beverages. Beers and sodas are one of the biggest contributors to your belly fat.

Add more salads and vegetables into your diet. Greens are terrific to help you slim down, however beware of dangerous, yet delicious high-fat dressings. at lots of fat burning foods. There are some foods that require more calories to digest than their nutritional value. By eating these foods, you will burn off more calorie than you intake. Make cardio your friend! Cardiovascular exercises are among the best exercises for you to tone that body of yours. Set aside time for daily jogs or even find a jogging partner.

If you follow these 7 simple steps, you will surely slim down within a few weeks time. Remember that the most important rule to get rid of muffin top is to eat right and exercise correctly. Good eating or healthy eating is an extremely important part of every busy and hectic day-to-day timetable. Several of the most common problems that afflict people can be connected with poor eating behavior. The keys to good eating are balance, diversity and moderation. Time How much time can you devote to exercise? For fast diets to be effective, one should exercise at least three to four days per week for an hour each time. You can break it up into two half hour sessions and it does not matter what time of day you do it.